offer more engine choices for cars/ trucks

U guys already offer a wide range of engines for cars in european countries for the models like fiesta why not do it here? Im talking about extremly efficient turbo and gas engines that get 70mpg highway 40 city 55 combined or better I'm sure if u guy would offer them people would buy them the best u got is a 1.6 l 4cyl in the fiesta its 10 years outdated design no direct injection no turbo no disel why?
its the only one u offer why? They would not only contribute to the enviroment and being greener , but give u a competitive edge. maybe even boost sales!
Joseph Z 08/21/2012
The reason I heard why Ford does not offer more engine choices is that it costs signifigant amounts of money to certify them with the EPA. I'm not sure if the engine alone counts or if it is per vehicle.
Chris 06/02/2012
I agree, I own 5 Fords and 1 VW Jetta TDI. The Jetta gets close to 50 MPG vice many of my Fords which will get up to 22 MPG on a good day. When I drive my Jetta I can't help but think what if my Escape had this diesel engine; or even something similar in my Explorer. Except for trucks, I feel like Ford has abandon the whole diesel market in North America.
Elliott Hermann 06/01/2012
Great Idea! Ford and Mazda have a working relationship. Mazda used to make a clone of the Ford Ranger truck. What I would like to see is a new Ranger with Mazda's Skyactive diesel engine. A high MPG small truck. I'd buy one!