Non-leather Steering Wheel

I am very excited to buy a Ford, but there's one thing that prevents me: Leather.

My entire family is vegan. While we cannot avoid some animal products when I drive (some compounds in some tire manufacture and asphalt), I cannot feel good about driving when I'm regularly fondling a leather wrapped steering wheel.

Everything else about Ford cars excites me. I grew up driving Fords. I like their design, the power, the whole thing.... except the steering wheel. Right now, it may end up being a deal-breaker for our family getting the C-Max Hybrid. I *love* the car, but I cannot be happy driving with a leather steering wheel. I know Toyota and Honda and Mercedes have synthetic wrapped steering wheel. I know it can be done, and done well.

I do not care if the leather lasts longer (as the dealer pointed out), or that leather feels nice (it does), or even if it is environmentally sourced leather (as a high end eco-car outfit claims).

Ford, could produce more items from Soy, as Henry Ford sought to do; with soy from Michigan that grows just down the street from my house in Saline and Ann Arbor. That could easily make the "green" market swoon, and it'd be great for the local economy too. Heck, I'd be willing to pay more for that much more than fancy wheels or upgraded stereo.

At least, the non-leather option should be available. It wouldn't be tough to produce, and I can then happily buy a Ford straight from my dealer.
Jesse 06/16/2014
I am currently in the market for a Ford Focus ST and am having the same issue... I'm going to check out the other Focus models and hopefully I can find a steering wheel and shift boot that are not leather and retain factory steering-wheel controls/airbag if I swap them. The best I can do after that is sell the leather parts, I guess... At least it'll go back into the stream of leather products. :/
Billy F 05/18/2014
I agree with the op. I'm also vegan and love the features of this car, but won't buy it if I can't get a non-leather version. 
Dudley N 09/02/2013
I'm looking to buy a new top of the line Ford F-350 diesel 4wd crew cab pu truck with nonleather seats. I am one of many people who have moral or religious objection to unnecesary use of leather. It is my moral objective to boycott leather to minimize animal slaughter.
Terry L 04/17/2013
Comment on this IDEA!
Bob T 12/12/2012
I bought a 2012 Mustang V6 Convertible - didn't get the Premium level since it forces leather on you - and when delivered my Mustang had ZERO leather in it or on it. The only parts that come close (vinyl/pleather) are the shift boot for the 6-speed stick and the boot around the parking brake.
mordichai r 12/04/2012
I am a carnivor that primarily eats meat, wears nice warm fur, including leather steering wheels and sheepskin seat covers. For me, having a car manufacturer that provides what I want is critical. I currently own 5 ford vehicles and would like to keep buying two each year as I have done for most of my life. Get rid of leather, I buy Korean in the future.
Rodolfo P 11/27/2012
Sasho Z, I've checked very seriously, and all of Ford cars only use real leather.

What I *really* would like is certified non-leather products. That's what other automakers do, even the ones that use synthetic products, like Mercedes.

This was unfortunately a deal-breaker last time I dropped $21k on a new car. This time, I'm looking to spend more, and I *love* Fords. I am looking at an aftermarket replacement, but I can't seem to find that either.
Sasho Z 11/16/2012
Rodolfo, go buy a Ford. I believe the steering wheel is wrapped with an artificial (fake) leather, except for the expensive models, where you pay extra for the real leather.
Ross S 11/07/2012
Any leather component should have a non-leather option (steering wheel, seats, etc.) Leather for me is a deal breaker.