Non-computer controlled diesel

By Mike S.

Economical is the new hip. Reliability and longevity are in. Simplicity is what people are looking for. My idea is to offer a vehicle (car or truck) that is:

1) Efficient- A small 3 or 4 cyl turbocharged diesel that is mechanically controlled (like the early Cummins motors)

2) Reliable- No computers, All parts are easily replaceable and serviceable

3) Simple- Long gone are the days of 'electrical gremlins'. The parts will be common and often interchange with other vehicles. We don't need to keep reinventing the wheel.

4) FORD emblem on the HOOD!


Brian Langston 12/15/2011
There is no way to work on them, you use a computer to diagnose it, then you replace diesel control modules. It is not very efficient when you do not have your truck because it is at the dealer. Then you have to pay the bill that eats up any "fuel savings" done by the computer.
Kyle Young 12/01/2011
imputs, computers, and actuators are reliable. you just need to know how to work on them. they are much more efficent and quiet.