No more transmission or traditional drive axles.

How about a flywheel driven Super High Output electric generator that can power electric drive motors on up to 4 wheels all running simultaneously or independent with an electronic controller instead of a transmission and let it be driven by a compact 3-4 cylinder High Fuel efficient Engine 60+MPG. Let it have an in hub design for the electric drive motors that combine drive, braking, and reverse all in one unit with the acceleration of a V8 in a compact or mid-size Car, Truck or SUV. Also let it have no more batteries other than the one to start the vehicle.
Robert Messino 05/21/2011
I like the idea and it would work with my previious post about the MYT engine. All it would need is a controller that can manage and synchronize all 4 engines or 4 electric drive motors.
Bubba Ballbuster 02/28/2011
this is exactly what is needed but what would we spend all that money we no longer need to share with the oil companies think of all the profits they would be missing out on, yeah im being sarcastic but whos gonna be the first car company with the Nuggets to build what has been discribed I am definetly convinced it can be done and realy quite easily and probably for a LOT less than the current design and it seems it would weigh a good deal less also. FORD will you bring the descibed vehicle to market and become the absolute WORLD Leader in auto,eco friendly,customer friendly,practicality friendly design??? oh and im no tree hugger my vehicle is a 1995 f-350 7.5l aprox 10 miles per gallon, and to ford credit almost 200k miles on the original engine and trans. built ford tough.
Brian Langston 02/09/2011
I also think that this would work. When I say something like this at work, they think I am crazy. It works on locomotives so why can't it work at a smaller level?