Next gen commercial vans

By Ed N.

There are many of us out there with fleets of vans that we utilize for service, construction, etc. The next generation of vans, both small and large needs to be much more fuel efficient. You have the tools, you just need to use them. The Transit Connect is a great platform, it just needs the 2.0l Eco boost engine and when the global Transit replaces the E, it needs the 3.7 Eco boost. This all needs to happen fast as the competition is heating up and many businesses like mine have to move to rep,ace vehicles in the next year or two. We put the purchases off because of the recession, but my $250,000.00 per year gas bill is pushing urging my wallet. Eco boost the econolines (eh, transits)!
Michael J 09/14/2012
Buy a refinery, like Delta Airlines, drive down the price of gasoline!
Michael J 09/14/2012
Retro is in; pre 2007 and including, econolines with sun visors front & rear( can be a spoiler for improved air flow), front end fairing that doubles as air intake, make silver the default outside color (less white), chrome bumpers and door handles should be standard. D0'NT mess with the best!
Lee Eicholtz 01/02/2012
I totally agree, I would love to see both the 1.6 and 2.0 liter eco boost engines with the 6 speed transmision and available AWD on the future Transit Connect. I also agree the T-Series (full-size Transit) needs the eco boost V6 when Ford starts building it in the US. Heck, maybe Ford needs to come out with a eco boost V8 for trucks and vans.
Peter S 12/28/2011
Yes, let's see some drivetrain options in the Transit Connect in the US!