New way to power our futures and to power our vehicles

I have an idea to change how we use energy. My idea is to build a device which transfers energy from the wind into electrical energy so it can recharge a battery ina hybrid car. The car idea i have involves having two batteries to power the entire car and have no need for a motor. As one is losing power the wind can generate power to return th charge. There would be less dependency on gasoline.
Dennis T 03/21/2012
EVs are great, but, the RANGE is bad. The EV would only be used as a commute vehicle. Wind power is a great idea: a hood scoop with turbines inside to turn a generator. Go another step further. The wheels turn, connetic energy. Use this connetic energy from the wheels to turn a generator. With all of the computer monitoring and inverters, ect, the electricity generated by the on-board generator would extend the range. An attachable Third-member that has the generator, wheel drive, computer and electronics to charge the vehicle during long trips.