New electric car

This is for a hybrid electric car. It would use Lithium Ion batteries, have a 3 or 4 cylinder propane generator as a back up, and would have a series of generators on the rear axle. As the car is in motion, say between speeds 20 - 70 MPH the generators could recharge the batteries. A computer could monitor the generator output so not to drain or fry the batteries, If the generators weren't in use and the batteries were low the propane generator could charge the batteries.
Rodney F 09/09/2012
Thanks guys. I'm surprised none of the car manufacturers haven't used the concept of an axle generating electricity before. Again, a generator drains batteries if it isn't going fast enough and it fries batteries if its going too fast so having a computer monitor the output and switch back and forth between the axle and the propane powered generator is all that would be needed as far as I can see.
Alan J 09/07/2012
I too like the idea. But I would expand the generator to be flex fueled and run on propane, methane and natural gas. The infrastructure to support refilling is already well established. I think swapping out a standard 20lb propane cylinder to refuel is pretty cool. Also, if the vehicle generator could also act as an emergency power generator for residential use during power outages, like a portable generator you can drive. That would be very nice!
Dennis T 08/30/2012
I like your idea Rodney. Many people are suggesting this to Ford. Lots of wasted energy in turning wheels at freeway speeds. In the past a generator or alternator was and is turned by a belt attached to the turning crankshaft pulley. Then a 'Regulator' would manually divert the power generated to the battery or to power the electrical system in the car. An incased gearing system and generator or alternator attached to a wheel or axle would be able to generate electricity to run electric drive motors and recharge batteries. With computers to monitor the amount of energy required for the drive motors and recharge the battery. The 'Serial Hybrid' uses a small engine to run a generator to power electric motors for propulsion: like Diesel-Electric locomotives. Electric Motors have lots of torque and would be able to handle any loads.