New Compact Truck Platform for The New America

Hello, my idea is simple and needs to be enacted in this country for heaven's sake. You have all heard of the infamous fwd pickup. Yes? Well here's how to improve that awful idea and try to keep calm while I throw out crazy ideas at your face! First of all gas is the past. We need to implement Mazda's Skyactiv-D Twin-Turbo Diesel engine! This engine will be attached to a rwd 5 speed automatic transmission which all love. Sadly with the Ranger passing it may be to late to recoupe the compact pickup. But none the less with latest involvements with new diesel technologies diesel is certainly the future of automobiles. There you have it! New Skyactiv Diesel, 5 Speed trans, rwd, smaller pickup. Don't be hateful about Mazda and Ford teaming up either. Mazda B series, Tribute, and they designed the Probe!! Try and see the future!