natural gas/electric hybrid

By Rick H.

I hope Ford/Lincoln hads this idea in mind. I have been considering having my local utility company install the naturla ngas connection straight to garage to fuel my natural gas vehicle (if I can find a natural gas vehicle I like). Instead of the current gasoline/electric hybrid ford offers I wouldove to see this combo.
Michael H 04/28/2013
I too would like to have a factory CNG vehicle from Ford. Hybrids are not my thing. In my opinion CNG is more green than Hybrids because of the need to produce the electricity, i.e. natural gas or coal, and the hazards of batteries in landfills.
alan 04/04/2013
i like burning natural gas in my car but that isnt an option yet. We could fuel at the house with a small compressor. If i were a Oil co/ gasoline vendor this would scare me to death, maybe thats why it isnt offered.
Dennis T 04/02/2013
Many have suggested some type of electrical charging system to Ford. My hope is that Ford will listen and act. I would like to see Ford innovate further on vehicle on-board charging systems to extend the EVs range. An EV is not practical on a cross-country drive. This idea could revolutionize the "Green" auto industry. An electric generator just needs to spin to produce electricity. Granted, a ‘load’ is placed on the generator or alternator making it harder to spin, but, I believe this problem can be solved. Turning wheels (Kinetic Energy) at Freeway speeds would do the same job as hydroelectric or using Wind or Exhaust to power turbines. Lots of Kinetic Energy wasted. The generator just needs to turn to produce electricity! I did a Bing search on 'electric motors' and Siemens came up. I was educated about the difference between 'Parallel Hybrid' and 'Serial Hybrid'. 'Parallel' uses the combustion engine exclusively to turn a transmission for power to the wheels: it only uses the electric drive motors to get the vehicle moving or sustain a low MPH. 'Serial Hybrid' uses electric motors "exclusively" to drive the vehicle and the combustion engine is used to drive a generator to power the electric motors and re-charge batteries. Diesel-Electric trains do this very well. The "combustion engine" could be a small power plant that uses fuel cell tech, Natural Gas, Methane or gasoline. The engine size does not have to large. The electric motor has a lot of torque so it can handle any load or any application. Siemens has been around and produced electric motors since the late 1800s. Ford and Siemens could combine: Ford engines and vehicles with Siemens electric motors, controllers and other electronics to produce a planet loving vehicle product.
Andrew J 04/01/2013
This is a great idea and I truly hope those powers to be at Ford are paying attention. Here in Shreveport, LA I have my pick of Natural Gas fueling stations for the standard commuter.