Natural Gas

Expand your fueling options by adding natural gas powered vehicles to the landscape. Offer a home fueling station that could tap into natural gas meters that are installed in homes. This is a much cleaner, cheaper, and domestically available fuel source.
ray a 07/05/2012
Global warming is not just the melting of ice at the poles. When ice melts at the poles, sea level will go up putting many of the land under water. There will be a polar shift or change in earth axis of rotation because of water transfer from poles to equator. Polar change means disaster. There are data’s that some people claim they saw the melting of ice at the poles is real and faster than previous analysis and also sea level is rising at alarming rate, displacing a lot of people. People are suffering because of this global warming.

About this polar shift or change in earth axis of rotation, there will be a change in earth axis of rotation, if there is imbalance. Like the wheel of a car, it needs to be balance so that there will be no problem. Car manufacturer they put small metal in the wheel to balance it. Usually it is place between the rubber and the metal wheel. If car manufacturer will intentionally not balance their car wheel it will be a bigger problem than the pedal problem that happen before. The earth is rotating too like the wheel of the car. So if there will be problem in an unbalance wheel, there will also be a problem in an unbalance earth. A 5 meter increase in sea level at the earth equator is already sufficient to start the damage, the shifting of the earth axis of rotation.
To unbalance a wheel or tire of a car it needs a very small mass of metal. Comparing the mass of metal to unbalance a wheel with the wheel mass, against the mass of water that will be transferred from the poles to the equator with the earth mass, the mass ratios are too close. The difference is only 6,000.00 using a 5meters change in sea level. So polar shift or change in earth axis of rotation is going to happen if ice at the poles will melt. A polar shift is a big disaster. It’s time to solve this global warming. The 5 meters change in sea level; I based it in Philippine history the first Pilipino people used the land bridges that is now under water.

Developing a power source without carbon side effects and using natural gas or methane are good solutions. But small things like doing recycling, conserving energy like switching off lights when not in use can also really help. It’s time to stop the melting of ice at the poles.
ray a 07/05/2012
Using natural gas or methane is a very good idea.

Comparing other cars from other manufacturers, sample;
cost less, more MPG, good for the environment, help reduce global warming. The differences are small.

Global warming before was because of methane, natural gas. Methane is available in every house, use for heating, cooking, and much cheaper. So try developing and marketing a car that use methane or natural gas. Include a kit or fittings so that they can pump in methane from the house line to the car container.

We need to use methane before it destroy us.