Natural Gas

The United States has an abundant supply of natural gas. How come the Japanese are the only ones making a factory CNG powered vehicle? Easy technology.
samily 11/28/2011
Natural Gas has many up sides, but there are big problems in the supply department. Gas companies are using techniques to extract our plentiful gas that are devastating to the environment and citizens. Watch the documentary "Gasland" to see what's happening. It's just the tip of the iceberg.
mike sheehan 11/17/2011
In 2004 G. W. Bush signed a new law allowing ethanol capable vehicles to count toward 'alternative fuel' vehicles. Before that companies had to build a certain percentage of alternative fueled vehicles. Most were CNG. Honda was the only one to continue production of CNG vehicles. I am guessing that because CNG was only $0.63 per gallon at the time, certain oil companies felt 'threatened'. Ford did a GREAT job of building CNG F150's, Crown Vic's, Econolines, and Contours. Unfortunately due to typical politics the homegrown, clean fuel was cut off by EPA and the manufactures. (I'll let you tell me why) I own a few F150's myself. Great vehicles. I just wish I could buy some new ones. To give Ford credit, they are offering a new 2011 Transit with the CNG setup option.
mike sheehan 11/16/2011
CNG is American made. It is plentiful and clean. It is also only $1.02 per gallon. i will let you figure out why we don't use it. WHEN Ford made them they were AWESOME!
mith 11/16/2011
Honda makes a factory CNG vehicle. It is called the Civic GX. Ford used to make Factory CNG vehicles. Ford's CNG F-150 and Crown vic are in my opinion the best made CNG vehicle.

I own the F-150 that they made. They also made the Econoline vans, Crown Vics, and the Contours in CNG. In 2004 when Bush made a big rally for ethanol fuel, The auto manufactures were no longer required to produce a certain number of 'alternative fueled vehicles'. Instead the 'flex-fuel' ethanol capable vehicle counted as the 'alternative fueled' vehicles, thus the end of the American CNG era.

I have multiple FORD CNG F-150's and I LOVE them. I pay $1.02 per gallon. (I would like to see any ecoboost compete in fuel costs per mile) I don't see why we don't use the clean American fuel.

I would like to hear Ford's explanation.

I would also like to buy some new F-150's in FACTORY CNG form. (hint, hint)