natural gas

By Mark G.

natural gas is America's most abundant natural resource. so why doesn't ford make their vehicles run on them. the honda civic gx runs on natural gas. the even sell home refueling stations for your home. the engines run the same with different tuning. so why can vehicles run on it. and its cheaper than gasoline.
terry chin 03/16/2011
In San Francisco the city government used all sorts of natural gas vehicles from Ford. A lot of the Crown Vic taxis were also NG.. but a few years ago Ford told San Francisco no more ng vehicles....There was some bottom line reason for it, but if they were to bring back a line of NG vehicles with home fillers, Ford's green image would shoot through the roof.
Fleets would love it... lots of major cities are imposing restrictive regs on taxis. So NG taxis would serve a major need in the future. A NG Transit Connect with 2 + 3 seating in back would quite possiblely be this & next decades choice for the taxi industry.
JR Spindler 03/09/2011
I'm with you Brian. We need many more NGV options. Fed incentives should help if passed to build infrastructure and encourage more vehicle purchases
Brian Langston 02/22/2011
I do not understand why we are so restricted in the USA. Why can we not have the diesel engines that they have across the pond? If the Ford Kuga is going to be introduced here to take the place of the escape, then it should be offered with the diesel engine that gets 40+ mpg! Don't tell me that people do not want diesels over here.
gooseboy78 02/22/2011
ford do. they live in australia. the lpg (propane) dedicated ford falcons. most of them do the taxi fleets i should know as i own one.