More free Energy.

By John S.

Why not include a Solar Hood and also a Solar Roof top on the C-Max Energi to maximize Battery charging, and maybe add an "Accumulator Battery" to store Solar Energy when parked or driving in the sun???
We need to get to "completely" Gasoline Free Vehicles ASAP.
Another idea ? Why not switch to Hydrogen or Fuel Cell engines? Or Hydrogen and/or Fuel Cell Hybrids ? These engines have already been invented 50 or more years ago.
All our Calculators run on Solar or "Light" Energy, (even indoors, just from dim incandescent light), since the last 40 years or so. How come we can't make cars run on Electric or Solar Power COMPLETELY ???
Let's put our money into American production, jobs and technology, ... NOT INTO THE ENVIROMENTALLY POLLUTANT OIL COMPANY's POCKETS.
Dawn 07/11/2011
It's all about politics. We've had the technology for years. The problem is that our government is owned by oil companies (along with insurance companies and drug companies).
Chonky Q 05/05/2011
Dale V., If you look back at Ford's history, Mr. Ford was called to Washington, D.C. to meet with politicians and oil men to create a synergy or alliance if you will because the oil men were afraid that Ford would use electricity to power their automobiles. After that meeting, Ford began mass-producing gasoline-powered motors. The government returns the favor by keeping the Toyota hydrogen-powered Prius out of the U.S. and keeping much more fuel-efficient creations by Renault and others out also. Ford is more interested in creating vehicles at different pricing levels to sell than creating a true "people's car" that is off-the-grid. If the military can test a new all-electric hummer with motors in each wheel well, why can't Ford? I have no faith in GM, FORD or CHRYSLER to market anything anymore that people want or that is good for the environment. Look to California and Europe for those answers, not here.
Joan Martin 04/24/2011
I think with the constantly improving solar technology- where new solar panels can be thin and flexible, the rooftop idea can actually be done, and done fairly inexpensively and easily. Great idea. Everyone learned in grade school that motion= energy, right? So why can't the forward motion of the car, say when it is decelerating, freemoving (when the motor is not pushing it along) be converted into stored energy?
JC 04/07/2011
In addition to the solar panel roof & hood, they could also generate more electricity by incorporating ram air turbines, that convert the kinetic energy of the wind generated from driving, channel it through small ducts in the grille to turn small fan generators to charge the batteries while driving.
Harness solar & wind power at the same time. They are already incorporating regenerative braking. Why not add wind & solar, to complete the triangle of green energy, and further extend electric range? Nobody is combining all 3 into 1 vehicle. Ford has a chance to lead the industry, yet again.
Bob Leggett 03/31/2011
I think this is a great idea but it should be optional. I dont believe an extra battery is necessary just use the batteries that's already in place. A fuel cell along with the solar panels could also be used to prduce hydrogen gas that could later be used to recharge the batteries or power the car. This could be a way to extend the range of the vehicle without using gasoline. My theory is use the solar panels to charge the batteries. When they are fully charged then switch to hydrogen production. The added weight may not make not make this option feasible. But if hydrogen was made available it would be a very good option. Or an internal combustion engine with a flex fuel system that is far more flexable than anything done before. During WWII many Europeans used gasifiers to produce a combustable gas from just about anything that would burn (mainly wood) to power their vehicles. There are many options out there. Lets explore all of them.
Bob L
Jackson, TN