More EVs

My family loves the Escape Hybrid. But, it should be greener with a Electric Version. To go up againest any other suv EVs. Then the Escape lineup would be complete, and greener.
Kyle Young 09/20/2011
More models please. Only if the batterys are made of renewable materials.
T Craig-P71CV 09/10/2011
For some reason the Big 3 seem to shy away from 100% electric cars. Perhaps maybe the big oil companies might have shares in Ford, GM and Chrysler or vice versa? The technology is there for EV's. The Tesla Motor company, an American owned company based out of California, has two electric cars (The Roadster and the Model S) which can get up to 300 miles on a single charge. So if they can do it Ford can do it as well. We as the consumer need to get on their case about it and demand more EV's. Tesla may be a small company but as the demand for EV's climbs so do their sales. They are now selling cars in several countries and are growing. The Goliaths of the automotive world need to wake up before "David" aka Tesla overtakes them. Remember Ford, GM, Chrysler and American Motors ignored Honda and Toyota in the 1970's and look what happened. AMC no longer exists, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Mercury have bitten the dust, Chrysler is hanging on by their finger nails, GM doesn't have anything left worth looking at except their GMC line of trucks. Yep, nothing says boring like a Buick. Thankfully Ford is doing well but they had to drop the Mercury brand. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Tesla may be small right now but as their sales increase the the market shares of the Big 3 will decrease. Currently the Roadster sells for over $100,000 way out of the price range for the average owner but the Model S is selling for around the $50,000 mark and the company eventually wants to have EV cars for about the $30,000 range for the average driver. It may take a few years for Tesla to reach that goal but Ford should not sit back and ignor this little company. They need to come up with more EV's. They don't have to come out with a new car, all they need to do is come out with a 100% electric engine for their current models, and not just for their small cars. Imagine an electric Mustang, Taurus, F150, a full size Econoline E150 van and so on. The technology is there, they just need to step up to the plate and start producing more EV's. Perhaps Ford can work with Tesla and have them build and supply the electric motors and batteries for their cars?