More efficient engine which I wil call 4250 engine

By Gary L.

Just a suggestion that a new type of engine could be design in 4, 6, and 8 cylinders. Called the 4250 because this engine would have half of the cylinders configured as 4-cycle and half as 2-cycle (50% each). Example: A 6 cylinder with 3 cylinders using 4-cycles spaced 120 degrees apart and another 3 cylinders using 2-cycle spaced 120 degrees apart but rotated 60 degrees from the 4-cycle group on the crankshaft. When idling the engine cuts fuel to the 2-cycle group and decompresses those cylinders, but continues to run in balance because of the 120 degree spacing. Under exceleration the 2-cycle group has the fuel and compression restored and kicks-in. providing quick low end power. The "always on" 4-cycle group provides boost to the 2-cycle group providing air for combustion under pressure and their exhaust help draw exhaust from the 2-cycle cylinders. The 4-cycle group is sized in displacement to provide just enough power for idle and the engine improves efficiency by reducing engine size and weight, having 2-cycle power with double the power strokes with less parasitic friction. This engine design would use the latest 2-cycle design. Oil in the crankcase like conventional 4-cycle engines, one air intake valve, and fuel injection. The fuel injector could actually be behind it's own valve in a closed air pocket to protect it from exhaust gas build-up.