More cars with a Diesel option

By Matt A.

I would like to see Ford put a diesel in a few of their sedans. I will defiantly be buying a diesel engine in my next sedan.
Ragnar 07/24/2013
Ford’s Flex is a dream car, well priced, but a fuel guzzler, CAA tested the basic and got 14 L/100 km (20 mpg). But I can’t afford the tanker truck following me !!
emily 06/28/2013
I LOVE this idea! my husband and I were just saying we so wish our awesome flex was available with a diesel option. we have a VW wagon that gets about 50 miles to the gallon, but we would gladly give that up and never buy a car other than the Flex again if it got better milage. diesel seems like a great way to get better fuel economy, but i'd be open to other options as well. flex rules in every way but the gas mileage.