Mini/Mid-Size Pick-up 30mpg

How about a DIESEL Ranger/F100 size truck that will do 30mpg or better? Tech is there!
Zach W 01/21/2014
I would like to see something like a ranger/sport trac return for the majority of poeple who would like to have a truck but not the large size the the f150 is.
CyberPine E 12/16/2012
It don't have to be a truck. I would like a 2 door, bench front seat for 3, RWD mustang like muscle car with a truck tailgate and rear window that rolls into the roof. Something with a high bed (over the wheel wells) and wide entry that you can slide a 4x8 sheet of plywood. Under the bed a deep dry storage. This would kill many birds with one stone and would answer the question.. why does the mustange have rear seats too. Guys love rwd muscle cars, tailgates and trucks... why not have it all.. oh yeah.. 27 mpg city and 300 hp.
skinny g 06/17/2012
I love this idea. What I don't understand is why any automaker thinks that I am willing to pay over $20K for a vehicle that gets less than 30 mpg and has less than a 6/60 warranty. Seriously, how many degrees of stupid do you have? Sooner or later, someone will offer it and make a lot of money while the industry catches up.
M. L. 02/07/2012
Mr. Brenneman is "spot on" in his analysis. I will continue driving my 2003 Ranger until someone has the foresight to anticipate the wave of public sentiment and offer a 30+mpg pickup. i don't think the Mahindra entry will be that offering. It seems to be a project mired in poorly executed engineering. I think a high mpg small truck would be accepted by most mainstream light-duty pickup users and would be embraced by a new demographic of young, sport truck enthusiasts.
david brenneman 12/01/2010
A 30 + mpg diesel ranger should be easy. I have been driving a vw tdi powered rabbit pickup for years that gets an average of 55 mpg and is capable of 100 mph! Granted it won't tow 10,000 pounds or haul a horse in the bed but it is excellent for most of the stuff pickup truck owners haul 95% of the time, like lumber, motorcycles, barrels, etc.... What I would like to see is a ranger that offered a 4 cylinder turbo diesel , could be had in a lightweight , front 2 wheel drive option for folks like me and offered in other arrangements like 4x4 turbo diesel for folks that need a little more truck. I laughed at the bed on the rabbit thinking I would never use such a "tinker toy" sized truck, boy was I wrong my f350 diesel sets all the time and I run the wheels off the rabbit due to the fuel mileage and the ability to run bio diesel. Who ever brings a SMALL, FUEL EFFICENT, turbo diesel pickup truck to the US first is going to sell a bunch of them, I would love the chance to buy one.
Rodney Timms 04/15/2010
A new Ranger would be great, with state-of-the-art engineering and engine/drivetrain packages. I was impressed when Ford was talking about a new F100 as a midsize truck, but apparently they got so bogged down with concerns about weight and payload they just threw up their hands and gave up? What gives? Dodge Dakotas and Chevy Colorados seem to be selling to certain percentages of the market, and after all, Ford is pickup King, aren't they? If anyone can do it, Ford certainly can!
Rob 04/15/2010
Mahindra is bringing their Diesel 1 ton to North America, and promising mid 30's fuel economy. I saw one about 4 months ago. I wish Ford would put a 4 cylinder turbo-diesel in a 4 door ranger. Add a 6 speed manual, and my dream would be complete.
Cliff 04/14/2010
I would love to see a new Ranger. Don't want a luxo or work truck but a functional truck. Something with good plastics and interior materials that don't look like they will fall apart. A good small diesel with good power and fuel economy. Something that feels like it will stand the test of time . Would love to see it based off the Bronco concept truck. That would be the truck I would buy.
Mark Collins 04/14/2010
3.0 Turbo Diesel in a updated Ranger with 3500 lbs. of towing. I think this combo would sell very well in the U.S. market.
Jeff 04/14/2010
OMG, dude you read my mind. A midsize truck with great MPG's will sell very well. I feel like a lot of people want a F150, but do not need that much truck. But squeeze a F150 into a midsize truck with MPG would be awesome. I second you notion.

J Daniels 04/14/2010
I would like to see a New World Ranger with an Eco-Boost 2.4 under the hood. This truck would be simple (with few electronics to go wrong), with maybe just a heater, air, radio/CD and power steering;
I think I've got it! A small Rancharo with the Eco-Boost.
Better Yet. . . A small Rancharo Plug-in as standard, w/opitional Eco-Boost 2.4. That's doable.
Adam A 04/14/2010
Seriously. This! Whomever brings a 30mpg truck to the US first gets my dollars.
Mark Konecsni 04/14/2010
A Ranger redo would be great, but for now, a 3.5 or 3.7 v6 or even a 2.0litre ecoboost would tide us over til that happens!
Dan L 04/13/2010
I would like to see a new Ranger. I always wanted a compact truck able to goo off roading. An Eco-Boost 2.4 would be perfect because it woulden't need any fancy equipment to be 50 state legal.

From what I have seen, the new World Ranger looks to be a very nice truck. The F150 is just too big for me and uses too much gas.

Give us a smaller off-road capable pickup with eco-boost!
Scott 04/13/2010
Where i live (New Zealand) ford doesn't even bother to offer the range in a petrol power version. it offers a 2.5L turbo and 3.0 L turbo diesel engines, they get 25 - 28 mpg on the japan cycle... ford needs to do a bit more work on it diesels... if Toyota brought it's Hilux to the the usa it would crush the ranger for sales
James F 04/13/2010
I love my ranger. I get about 27 with the 4cyl and the 5speed. A diesel would be fantastic, 30mpg could be easily attainable. The gains could also be had from increasing the compression ratio making a normal Otto cycle more efficient.
paulwesterberg 04/13/2010
In order to make a 30mpg truck they would need to make it aerodynamic and add start/stop so the engine doesn't idle at stop lights.

But flat nosed brick like trucks are the only thing on the market.
Mike G 04/13/2010
Totally agree.

Something to compete with the Jeep Wrangler would be fantastic as well.
Scott Seigmund 04/13/2010
Can anyone say AMAROK? Yes, the technology is there. Please keep the weigh in check, and 30 MPG is very doable.
david myrand 04/13/2010
I agree that would be a game changer.
Jesse 04/13/2010
If Ford sold a diesel Ranger, it would easily double the annual sales of the Ranger.