Mini Truck

There are alot of people who would love to own a mini truck. The problem is there are no quality mini trucks out there today. Ford, you need to stop looking at sales to justify your actions. Your ending the production of the ranger in 2011 because of poor sales and why do you think that is? The ranger hasn't had any significant changes in decades. I mean come on, at least you guys could do is freshen up the interior and slap in a ecoboost engine.
I want a new mini truck and no one is delivering. Give us your new global ford ranger at least and dont just abandon the whole segment. Ford is a very innovated company, but I never would have thought they would completely give up on a whole segment. The ranger is like an icon! You need to be good to it!
Rodney Wilcox 06/13/2014
I have a Suzuki Carry which is re-badged as a Ford Pronto globally. I would love to see Ford offer an American version, I think they would be huge sellers, 65 mpg and I used mine to get my tractor un stuck when my F150 couldn't get the job done.
BARRY WOOD 01/06/2013
C'mon Ford, when are you going to come out with a mini truck like the Ranger. You never should have stopped production on them. I bought a new 150 Lariat in 1999 and still have it with 70,000 miles on it and I want to downsize.