Make diesel cars nd small trucks

By Paul S.

Make a version of small cars nd trucks diesel like volkswagon and mercedes. Ford ranger and f150 would be good with a diesel and i would buy one fast. diesel burns 100% and gas burns 75 % of the fuel. diesel waas the original green energy and your new 6.7 diesel is great.
jess s 07/21/2012
i agree bring us those very economical diesels i will buy one or maybe a couple
Chris 07/20/2012
your detail about the Small cars of India is very nice and these cars are having attractive features and functions..
69MA 05/11/2012
Two words: Flex ute.

Also, spend some money and bring the diesel 4cyls of European fame to the US as optional engines on the Fusion, Fiesta, Focus, and/or Escape.