Magnetically Controlled Cars

By Nick A.

The idea I have in mind would be to control cars with two magnets. It does sound kind of dumb, I understand, but here is where I will start explaining it.

There is a magnet in the back of the car, and the front of the car.
The magnets will be opposite from each other and the force would push the car forward.
The magnets could be switched by some form of a button for example to go in reverse.
The car would have all of the required needs, and of course a battery and such.
There would be a brake on all four of the tires, controlled by the brake pedal. There would be no gas pedal.
There would be a way to put the car in part, possibly by a lever or something that would make the magnets lose forces to each other, and then the brakes would be applied so it does not roll.
The exterior of the car would be created in a metal that can not be attracted to magnets, and instead cancels magnetic forces.

The car would require no fuel, only the occasional battery change.
The car would be technically silent.

Maybe the metals that should block forces would mess up, and it would roll and hit another vehicle for example.

I'm not very sure if this has been suggested yet, and I'm sure there are more pros and cons, but anyways, you get the point.

The car has two magnets, a brake, and exterior metals blocking magnetic forces. The magnets would push away from each other and push the car in forward or reverse.