Magnetic Assist

By Eric H.

The most inefficient fuel use in any engine happens when it initially starts to move, and when it climbs a hill or a mountain. If the bottom of a vehicle could be powerfully magnetized, it could be used to repel off of embedded magnets in the highway itself, providing forward motion assist. This would require a great deal of electricity, which could be easily supplied by embedding two electromagnetic coils along the sides of the lane going in the opposite direction. When any magnetized vehicle coasts down the hill, it would create massive current which would be stored in an array of batteries, ready to assist the next vehicle climbing the hill. The two downhill electromagnetic coils would naturally resist a change in state, and would keep a vehicle in its lane through repulsion, even if it was sliding on black ice, which would save lives. This technology would be especially useful in the mountains where semi trucks move vast amounts of freight over mountains in all kinds of weather.