Lux Cube

This idea is a box shaped figure with six sides. Five of the sides will be solar panels "facing inwards toward each other and will be connected and networked together as a power grid and the sixth panel will have rows of low voltage LED lights " low heat/extremely bright. The LED  lights will give off light energy which will be converted in a DC current by the solar panels which will also power the LED lights again & again. The rest of the light energy will be converted in to AC current by a DC to AC inverter or can be used as straight DC. Basically "Light In A Box" that powers its self and other electrical devices & electric cars. The LUX-Cube will incorporate small mirrors in each corner of the cube to reflect and amplify light particles. The LED lights will have an access panel to replace any LED bulbs with open circuits. The LED lights will have cylinder shaped bodies with electrical contacts on each side of the bulb for easy fast replacement. The Led lights will be in a parallel circuit so if one bulb has an open circuit the others will still operate correctly. The power inventor will be designed to be connected to a grid , such as 3 LUX-Cubes connected together combining all 3 energy sources for more power. The Lux-Cube shape allows for stacking PROS: No fuel needed. Quite unlike a gas generator. Good for the environment no fumes. Mobile can be used for camping, Or Possibly used to power a electric vehicles. One lux is equal to one lumen per square metre: 1 lx = 1 lm/m2 = 1 cd·sr·m–2.