light truck lite on fuel

My grandfather has two old chvette desils and he wants a small truck like a chevy luv to put one of the desil moters in I say ford could redesighn the ranger seeing as they are getting rid of it and get a 4cyl desil for power so people that need a truck either for work or to pull a small boat can do it with an economical stand point.
daniel dierickx 11/12/2011
Small diesels would be great, whether in a small car or a small truck or SUV. Also, running American made biodiesel wouldnt hurt either!!
Brian Langston 11/12/2011
I think an aftermarket company should come out with a diesel that could be easily swapped with the current motors that are offered in vehicles now. Imagine being able to get an engine and a couple of buddies and do an engine swap in a weekend. All you would have to do is design a coupler that could mount to different transmissions. Swap out the ECM to accomodate the swap and you could be the envy of many people that want diesels! A V6 F150 diesel would rule!!
Sounds like a good business to be in!
Mark Danner 11/01/2011
I think it is a great idea. I have a f-250 diesel which is a total fuel hog. I wish ford would come out with a diesel car and small truck, either a ranger type or F-150. Go DIESEL GO