Integrated Wind Gen

I would like to suggest the use of a wind turbine integrated into the body of new electric vehicles. Some possible locations would be, if water cooled components exist place a wind turbine to allow added cooling, create a cylindrical shaped wind turbine that looks similar to that of a jets engine and place them as close to the bottom of the car as possible(perhaps the grill area, or lower not to come in contact with the pavement when traversing bumps), integrated into a rear spoiler to give the look of a futuristic jet powered car, or place vents on leading edges that capture and redirect focused wind flow toward the engine compartment to again be used by a concealed wind turbine and allow for added cooling.
Sasho Z 11/16/2012
Nope, but I've already explained why not.
Dennis T 11/09/2012
Two individual high powered compact electric motors, one powering each of the rear tires. Each motor is directly connected to the wheel hub or wheel, like the Michelin system. Incorporate a system similar to an alternator into the front tires. Instead regenerative breaking, why not regenerative driving? When the vehicle reaches a certain speed, close the circuit to the batteries and let the charging system supply the necessary power to propel the vehicle and operate all essential functions to the car. Ford is the best domestic vehicle. I would like to see Ford innovate further on vehicle charging systems to extend the EVs range. This idea could revolutionize the "Green" auto industry .