Integral Oil & Filter module

By Mark S.

Perhaps the current seperate oilpan reservoir and oil filter could be replaced by a disposable assembly? An easily accesible and replacible plastic reservoir and integral filter c/w oil would make oil changes as easy as changing the air filter. Picture a module approx the size on a 7 liter oil jug, that snaps in place like a BRITA water filter on your kitchen water tap. Better placement and utilization of the motors oilpump should permit the component to be elvated near the top of the engine compartment for easy access. An integral unit would save the vehicle owners hundreds of dollars doing oil changes themselves, hours of waiting at oil change shops, reduce vehicle weight , and Ford could better compete with FRAM and Exxon in the oil and filter replacement business. The used module could be returned for recylcing as a Green initiative. While your designing it, through in a 'oil change indicator' that woud measure Viscosity and Particulates, replacing the traditional 'mileage change', and reducing needless oil changes, saving the owner more money and better protecting the engine.
Mark S
Sure, let's put a dry sump system on all the cars and put the oil tank behind the driver's seat like they do in NASCAR. GM briefly had an "in the pan" oil filter in their 2.5l four-banger that, in my opinion, truly sucked. What WOULD be cool would be a quick-connect plumbed into the bottom of the pan that could be attached to a roll-around unit to evacuate the used oil and add the new oil and maybe even have a solvent-based cleansing mode to clean the pickup strainer and pan of slude, etc. The unit could filter the recovered product for disposal or use in a waste oil burner.