Import the global Ranger to the U.S.

Import or build the global Ranger for the U.S. and put the 3.7L with the 6 speed auto out of the F150 in it. A smaller ecoboost option would be great as well. Call it the F100 and lose the "boy racer" image for a more mature variant. It will take sales from the F150, but it will also fill a market segment that is dying from neglect, not lack of demand. A new Ranger will also take sales from the other manufacturers. Build a quality vehicle and it will sell. Don't dictate what the market can have, produce what it wants. In this case it is a competent, fuel efficient truck that will haul and tow and still fit in peoples garages and be easy to park at the mall. I don't need to tow 10,000 pounds, but I do need a truck that will fit easily fit in my garage.
Christopher 01/06/2014
I hope Ford brings us a 5cyl or 6cyl in a small/mid size truck (i.e. the Ranger). I'm betting they'll wait to see how the diesel colorado will do before they bring the ranger back. If the colorado takes off, ford will be forced to bring the ranger back or it'll lose the market entirely instead of just being late to the party. If the diesel colorado flops than Ford isn't out anything. Personally I'd love to see the EU spec ranger come to the states - it's a beautiful truck.
Just came back from the Los Angeles Auto Show, and saw the new Chevy Colorado. Ford cannot let GM take over the mid-size domestic truck segment, and that is exactly what will happen if they don't import the Ranger and certify it like they did for the Transit Connect.I own a 2003 Sport Trac. Both the Ranger and the Sport Trac died from marketing neglect. I don't need or want a full-size F-150, and I suspect I am not the only one with these concerns.C'mon Ford, get your heads out of the sand. The engineering can't be that difficult to convert the Australian Ranger to US specs.
Robert H 02/20/2013
My Ford Explorer turns twenty this year, it's going strong; though not driven as much with only 200K + .... I still would like to see the revised version of the Ranger back here in the states. If Ford offered a diesel engine for my 1993 I'd purchase it right now.
Greg R 07/27/2012
Yes! Bring a fuel efficient 4-door diesel truck to market. I'm waiting for this to be my first new car purchase.
Frank H 05/03/2012
I think it's a mistake to let the compact truck segment die. The Ranger truely was the last of its kind, all the other brands are "midsize" which is just another way to say almost full-sized. I too don't need to move giant boulders and tow three cars at once, I just need a small truck that can fit around obstacles on my property and haul yard waste and stuff that doesn't fit in my car. A 4-cylinder diesel option would be ideal, but at least an ecoboost option, imagine being able to tout a 30mpg+ pickup! Also, don't concentrate so much on the extended/crew cab, that's just heading down the road to full-size-ville. I'd also like to see a 4x4 option that is MECHANICALLY operated like they used to be, not electronic, not vacuum assisted, just a mechanical lever that changes gears in the transfer case.
Allan 04/15/2012
Yes ... please bring us the DIESEL ENGINE that the rest of the world gets to enjoy. I currently drives a VW Jetta TDI and would switch in a heartbeat to a Ranger Diesel. I need a truck, but also need the MPG.
scott shively 11/19/2010
yea please bring the killer looking Ranger to the US. The diesel would be great to. If you guys don't I hope VW brings thier Amorak to the US then. Please let me buy a Ford.
david 10/30/2010
One look at what a 30 year old diesel vw rabbit pickups are bringing on eBay , should be all the evidence anyone needs to see that there is a demand for a small fuel efficient diesel pickup. I can’t believe that a small, modern, 4 cylinder turbo diesel ranger would not sell well in the US. I would love the opportunity to buy one.
H Smith 10/18/2010
It appears that the global Ranger is not available with gasoline.

Why bother with the EXTRA development cost ... ??? just use existing diesel engines!