I guess Ford FORCES me to buy the PRIUS van when it becomes available

I have been trying to encourage FORD to address fuel consumption rate and CO2 reduction with small displacement (under 2 Liter) Euro type turbo diesels for roughly FIVE (5) years.

It seems that has been a TOTAL WASTE of MY TIME.

I know that a fuel frugal 48 mpg combined (or better) C-Max/Grand C-Max with dual clutch transmission, cruise, and AC would be the BEST choice for my family (we have a 45 year old disabled daughter and my wife and I are beyond reirement ... need a MINI-van).

Further, your diesel powertrain would provide us the opportunity to be relatively nuetral in THERMAL EMISSIONS by allowing the opportunity to use bio diesel..

Since there has been no visible action (or word) on Ford's part to satisfy MY family's URGENT NEEDS ... I have given up HOPE! We can't wait much longer!!!

I intend to jump on the FIRST vehicle offered by ANYONE ... that meets OUR needs and we can afford (probably about $25k ... cash in the bank waiting). I say this with sadness because I sincerely believe that Ford's small block diesel would have been the BEST option.

It is simply NO LONGER worth my time to HOPE that Ford will DELIVER 50 mpg plus combined for my purchase ... as a US consumer.

Thanks any way for ... maybe reading my correspondence.
Becky Langham Galati 03/06/2011
While I agree that focus groups have destroyed manual transmissions and diesels, you must also realize the lack of diesel options in America is mostly the result of the EPA and their less than logical rules and regulations.

Now also, what you also need to realize is that diesel engines cost more, and with gas less than $5 per gallon, the diesel option actually doesn't make economical sense.
Jose Cruz 01/09/2011
Ford Motor Company has the resources to design and built better fuel efficient vehicles. However, most of the 2011 vehicles consume the same amount of gas as they did ten years ago.

The cost of gasoline is considerably higher now then when I purchased my Ford in 2001. There is no fuel economy incentive for me to replace my old Ford and finance a thirty thousand Ford with MPG averages in the 18 mile per gallon range, no matter how beautiful they be.

Sometimes I wonder if American car makers are control by the same financial interest as the oil industry.

Their are some foreign car makers in the U.S. designing and building vehicles I would purchase if it wasn’t for my expectation that in the very near future Ford will realize they must improve MPG in the new vehicles, and design a Ford 4WD Class B Camper similar in interior beauty design to the Mercedes Benz Viano Marco Polo Camper.