Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicle.

I know it's not a new idea. I would like to see more effort in producing the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, instead of the rediculious hybrids and electric vehicles. i want a green vehicle that performs like a conventional vehicle, but doesn't take forever and a day to refuel like battery powered vehicles (not to mention their extreme limited range). Honda has a pretty good hydrogen fuel-cell care called the Clarity that is quite remarkable in its comparison to a standard Accord. I hope Ford seriously considers them.
Dennis T 03/21/2012
Ford needs to do Hydrogen. Burning fuel is a big factor in Carbon emmission. The Clarity and Honda's Home Fuel Center (a Hydrogen producing and electric power for the Home). Hydrogen is expensive, but, like Honda, Ford could LEASE/OWN the vehicles and contract with the public to use the vehicle and maintain them. WE NEED TO DO THIS FOR THE PLANET.