Hybrid truck with in-line driveshaft electric motor

By Eric M.

Electric motors are now available with enough torque and light-weight to mount "in-line" with the driveshaft ie. 1,655 N-m, 410 mm dia, 210 mm L, 68 kg.

1,655 N-m torque is equivalent to a large V8 in 1st gear output from the transmission.

This provides similar acceleration and towing capability to the large V8 allowing it to run electric-only depending on battery capacity. When batteries are depleted the ICE provides power as usual and the motor is energized for regenerative braking like a normal hybrid.

A "SepEx" motor (separately excited rotor field) allows for "ZERO DRAG", hence the ability to mount direct-coupled, in-line between the transmission and differential.

NOTE: the electric motor must NOT be permanent magnet.