Hybrid SUV

OK, if you can make the BEAUTIFUL new Lincoln MKZ (heavy car) with a hybrid option, why not an SUV. Remember how popular the SUV has been . . . Well, we want that same wonderful vehicle with a hybrid option. We are in our 60's and love the ability to sit higher and have a more wide spread view of the road. Also much easier to enter and exit. Don't have to crawl in and crawl out of a lower based sedan. We just put a new engine in our 1999 Ford explorer. But would buy a new SUV tomorrow if it was a hybrid, had some luxury features and had a quiet ride. Our explorer has lots of road noise. Just be nice to have a luxury hybrid SUV. I know your amazing engineers could come up with something amazing. We are just holding off buying and hoping you will offer something soon. Would hate to not buy a Ford. Thanks and Regards, Claire Kelly
eric p 03/24/2014
please build a hybrid or electric explorer.  i am on my 5th explorer and love it but i am now looking at tesla or the toyota highlander.  i am bothered by the continued consumption of fossil fuels and honeslty feel irresponsible by not making a choice to minimize my personal consumption.  i would go for the fusion but need more seating.  
Richard 01/03/2014
I am retired and no longer need a commuter. It would be nice to have a vehicle that can tow 2000-4000 pound trailer but with electric quiet and economy when I am home.
Juston P 12/04/2012
I agree. Make a 3.5L twin turbo Eco Boost Flex w/ a 30 mile range rechargeable battery. My wife and I have 3 kids all in cars eats we need space like the flex. Our outings are normally 30-50 miles per day. But honestly less than 20. But when the weekend arrives its always a 100 or more, and sometimes with a trailer, which is why we want power.