Hybrid ranger

I currently commute in a ranger, because it hauls all my tools and material where I need it and is as close as I can get to a gas saver at 20mpg. However, I'm in the market for a hybrid, considering the volt, because you can plug in overnight. Saving on gas is a huge deal in Bay Area.
With all the major car manufacturers going with a Full size pickup, I really hope that Ford would be able to break away from the pack and consider manufacturing a small pickup that can get upwards of 40+ per gallon. I see thousands of rangers on the road today because they are a great work horse and are as close to a gas saver truck as they can get. With the building industry on the rise, I see people commute from remote areas to their job sites, and I believe a small hybrid pickup would be a blessing to millions. Not kidding, I would sign up to buy one as soon as I found out it was happening. Until it does, I'll hold onto my little ranger that is going on 300k, but hasn't failed me yet. Fix or repair daily, yeah right. 
ralph d 02/06/2014
Please build a new usaRanger/Explorer sport trac, 4cyl, Eco-boost, plug in hybrid, my 2002 sport-trac has been my 3rd explorer and would buy a new one today! its been a great little truck for hauling little league / hockey equipment, kids and dogs around. Great for Costco runs. I dont need or want a full size truck. I need and want fuel economey and plug in hybrid energi type drive in a ssport trac size sutwould be perfect!
Andreas B 11/27/2013
It is a great idea !!!!  i hate Diesel, in Germany the new Ranger only is with Diesel Engines. We need the ECOboost!!!!!
Brian D 11/19/2013
Love the f150 ecoboost but need a compact pick up that get 28 plus mpg
Drive 40k per year and miss the Ranger maybe a small diesel is in order ?