Hybrid Mustang

By Mark R.

A Hybrid Mustang option with 40 to 50 mpg and an option to go full gas power for more horsepower when needed. Also, allow all of the trim upgrades (except for the GT emblem of course) for this model. Just because it is a hybrid it doesn't have to look slow and nerdy. Allow all of the spoiler options, etc. so that it can be sporty and fuel efficient. Generation X would love this.
Tim F 08/21/2014
Why not take a page from Porche's book (918 hybrid), and create an American hybrid sportscar for the masses.  The Mustang is the perfect Car!
Antoine 08/02/2014
I've been waiting for the 2015 Mustang for five years. I love what has been produced but find the lack of hybrid/alternative fuel option to be a mismatch with the realities of today's world. Ford is a forward-thinking brand; why would it not look into the future and place a hybrid or EV motor into a Mustang. Tesla has proven that it can be done and be successful. Look forward; don't trail behind. 
Elliot S 03/05/2014
The hybrid idea is a good one. You offer a ton of options on the Mustang, a hybrid should be one of them. I get where the old school guys are coming from, and a manual V8 is great, but people daily drive the Mustang a lot and a hybrid would be ideal for commuting, as long as there's plenty of power for fun.
Rene Berger 11/01/2013
I am from Germany. Gasoline is extremely expensive here. Here the price of gasoline is up to 250% more than in the U.S. You can hardly afford it. 1 gallon costs about $7,08 in Germany.
Please bring in the Mustang as a very economical hybrid.
Jimmy K 09/28/2012
As a mustang owner for 20+ and a speed freak I can tell you that I would love to see a hybrid powerplant in a Mustang or other "pony" car. I would love to transplant a hybrid powertrain into my old classic mustang because it would make sense to drive it again in the world of $3+ gas prices.
Paul 05/28/2010
I completely agree. Ford, your current direction for the Mustang with the 302 and higher efficiency non-hybrid drive train is GREAT. Please do not ruin it with hybrid technology. I've said before, on the street I don't care about the performance capabilities of EVs, even if they are superior to pure gas drivetrains, but I DO care about having a V8, non-hybrid, manual transmission (with a clutch pedal) Mustang. Both Mustangs in my garage are V8's, and there won't be any other kind for me. A few tenth's quicker in a drag race means nothing on the street, but that V8 sound cannot be replaced.
Adam 05/19/2010
If you want a hybrid I would suggest buying a Ford Fusion Hybrid. Mustangs are muscle cars, they are not built for high mileage.
Tom A. 05/08/2010
People who vote these things down are clearly not familiar with the performance capabilities of EVs like Tesla's Roadster or Porsche's and Lotus's hybrids that are coming out soon - 0-60 times all under 4 seconds and use less gas than a 4-cyl EcoBoost.
Jim 05/07/2010
UGH! NO! Certain things you don't mess with. It's a "pony" car, not a "sports car" or "hybrid" or any other "fad of the day". The mustang has survived where ALL other pony cars have died out at one time or another because it is what it is. It sticks to a proven formula that people like.
Make it hundreds of pounds lighter and add an ecoboost 4 cyl as a base, eco6 for power and an ecov8 for crazy fun power.
Hybrid? holy crap no!