Hybrid Minivan!!!

Myself and many of my friends would LOVE a hybrid minivan - something that can transport at least 7 people without using tons of gas per gallon. If they can make giant, hybrid SUV's and even semi trucks, they should be able to make a hybrid minivan (!!!). Please, Ford, jump on this as many families would be all in favor of this!
katie cadle 02/23/2012
I will be looking for a minivan in march of 2013 I have a family of 6 the c-max is a great idea but it needs more room for storage in the back we go camping, fishing and on trips there is know way it can fit all of use and are stuff at the same time my husband and I have been buying fords since we were teens but with gas prices soring we might hafe to go some were elts unless ford makes the c-max a little bigger or makes the their larger suvs hybrids
Brad Barefoot 12/23/2011
Hey Stephanie B. Ford Listens, the 5 passenger C-Max will make it's debut in Fall 2012, with a little luck maybe the 7 passenger Grand C-Max in a hybrid could be possible. As far as a full size I don't see much of a future there as the fuel economy becomes a mute point. The power to weight becomes a negative factor. They just become way too heavy.
Kyle Young 12/19/2011
John W. Sieren 12/14/2011
I am Handy-capped & in a wheelchair. I have a 3008 Van, E-250 CARGO VAN, I have converted into a Luxury CRUISER. I am looking for an Hybrid MINI-VAN or even a larger Transit Connect Van. FORD get going. Especially running errors, DR. APTS etc... JWS.