Hybrid Hard-top convertible

You did it in '57. Introduced the first American hardtop convertible. Still a prized rarity at auto shows. It was a bit technically complicated, troublesome, and heavy; but it made a splash.

You did it again in 64; the first reasonably priced, sexy coupe; the Mustang.

It's time to combine those two with your pioneering hybrid work; a 4 seat hardtop convertible. Lexus has one (not hybrid) for $45K that gets 21-29 MPG. You can do much better, at a much better price.

Do it again, Ford.
David F 02/05/2013
The Ford Skyliner and Ford Fairlane were so amazing, I cant even put into words how awesome these clasic hardtop convertibles are. To my knowledge the Mustang had a removable hardtop that accompanied the convertible, making the convertible look like a fastback. Today a mustang convertible could borrow some ideas from other successful hardtop convertibles such as the BMW 3 series. Their glass windows somwhat resemble to classic Mustang Coupes from the 1960s, I know Ford can do better!