Hybrid Crown Victoria Lincoln Town Car

By Dan T.

URGENT NEED/Multi-Million $ Idea - Fit the exact same Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town cars that you have now with a hybrid powerplant to bring up fuel economy or even better - a turbo-diesel engine! You have the Turbo-Diesel engine already made - the same one used in the F-Series pickups, I am sure that could fit in the large engine bay on those cars with some minor modifications. Also fit a 6 speed automatic for better fuel economy - the curent model still uses a 4 speed and Ford is complaining that they don't get good enough fuel economy to meet proposed NYC standards & keep making them! Any CEO who makes a decission to discontinue these cars and give up a practical MONOPOLY on a whole segment of the market - Police-Taxi-Limo-Exec cars- should be replaced at once! Think about it - Ford is going to give away their market share immediately to the competition if these cars are dropped! And why they do not sell these Crown Vics to the public in showrooms is just ridiculous - I can't beleive it's true - I read it on the internet in the article that said they are discontinuing these cars! Some cars like Police/Taxi/Limo just need to be big, you can't downsize them - think about the safety of Police, they are driving high speed in these cars - anything smaller is making their job dangerous. Just fit the diesel engine! -Dan from New York
h2co3 01/11/2013
My 2010 MKT with EcoBoost gets less than 200 miles on a tank of gas in the city, Less than 300 on the road. Not good for a commercial vehicle, but a lovely ride!
Ernest Pons 03/16/2011
I agree wholeheartedly. I just bought a Lincoln Town Car because they won't be made any longer. I shall try to keep it running as long as possible, and I saddened that Ford thinks putting the "Town Car" label on a Lincoln MKT CUV is the way to go. This is as bad a decision as the one to stop making the Mustang and replace it with the Probe some years ago. If you are stopping production of the Town Car, please give us a dignified alternative.