Bring back the Escape Hybrid!!!!!!!
Dallas R 08/12/2014
what happened to the escape hybrids? I made such a big deal of how they were the best of both worlds in my argument when we bought both our 2008 and 2009 Escapes. So this year we were considering replacing the 2008. Mostly because we wanted the latest safety features and some of the newest designs. I went on a lot and could not even identify the escape. It got smaller! Additionally I was really frustrated when I found that there was no hybrid option. Now granted, you offer the eco-boost, but for those of us who drive in the city and traffic as often as not, it can't touch the MPGs I get with the Hybrid. I consistantly get 31 - 34 mpg in both. And having the escapes for 7 years with only one repair (a window regulator). So I did not even have to convince my other half that Ford has become a very solid car manufacturer. Now my options are get a 2012 or just keep the one we have. You are going in the wrong direction. I would even buy an all electric one.