How to sell more Expeditions

By John M.

Since I've been waiting for over 2 years for an Ecoboost V6 Expedition, the only thing that has happened is that I am blue in the face as I hold my breath waiting to purchase one. As it appears that Ford wants to wait for the future generation model to possibly introduce it, I would recommend that Ford find a way to modify their 5.4 V8 with a fuel management system which would shut off gas to cylinders to make it a bit more economical. The Ecoboost V6 was first in a F150 over 5 years ago, yet, all large SUV mfgs seem to only offer one engine. We need a true aftermarket option for the 5.4!
Jim S 03/14/2012
I moved from an '08 Expedition to a '11 Explorer. While I love my Explorer I do miss the size of the Expedition. I was hoping for a '12 new design with ecoboost, I'll hope for a '13 I guess.
Jared J 03/04/2012
The Ecoboost has only been in the F150 for 2 model years. 2011 and 2012.
Isaac J 03/03/2012
I agree. The Expedition DESPERATELY NEEDS a full redesign and updated powertrain. It should still remain a true SUV and NOT turned into a crossover like the Explorer. Same interior colume but more aerodynamic, fuel efficient, and comfortable. It would bring direct competition to the Durango.
Brian L 03/02/2012
Cut the back two cylinders off the 6.7 and make a V6 powerstroke and throw in it!
Brian L 03/01/2012
I would love to see mpg numbers for the ecoboost in an expedition! Ford has to be considering this or the future of the Expy is in grave danger! I wonder how the 5.0 numbers would look.