How many V-6's does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll?

By Ryan F.

Hey...Love your new cars, but lets be honest here. Just how many V-6's does it really take to power your line up? Can't you settle on two... maybe three at the max? I think your doing a great job, but your missing the boat financially by having way to many engines, and not putting the new 5.0 in the Edge.

World car... world engine. You shouldn't need 10 different varieties of v-6 to get the job done.
jason w 11/02/2010
ecoboost does count its a six making the power of an eight with better gas milage then a v6. ford has done great with there line ups
H Smith 10/29/2010
I still don;t see the problem with 45, 55. 63 mpg(US) combined US emissions compliant Euro type small displacement (1.6 and 2.0 Liter) turbo diesels.

Can anyone provide a real reason for not using them in the US?
Matt 10/27/2010
What are the V6s in Ford's line up?
3.0- Fusion, Escape
3.5- Fusion sport, Taurus, Edge, Flex, 2011 F150, MKZ, 2011 Explorer
3.7- MKS, MKT, MKX, Edge Sport and 2011 Mustang
They only have three, an acceptable number in your post. So what are you complaining about? Yes there are different power outputs but this is due to Ti-VCT vs VVT on just the intake side, so in time all the engines should have the Ti-VCT.
And the EcoBoost doesn't count because that needs to be considered an V8 because of the power.