High mpg truck

By John R.

I'm a long time Ford owner. I always buy USA and have always ended up with a Ford because of "bang for the buck". This includes 3 GT Mustangs, (OK, one was a '82 Capri HO), several trucks, and Escorts and Focuses. My Idea. build a body on frame, rear wheel drive, small truck that can beat 30 mpg. Build it with a V-4 or boxer engine so that you can reduce CD. Use a on demand turbo for torque when towing. Make some fancy bed cover for reduced CD that allows load hauling when needed but is easy to undeploy. Have an adjustible ride height for street and dirt. This could also be a basis for suv's. sedans and sports cars. If you can't steer with your foot, it ain't no fun. Bring it in for less than $20,000 for a stripped 4wd, and you'll sell all you make. By the way, being a big bike guy, unmuffled V-4s sound good.

Eric W 01/23/2013
Bring back the old 7.3 engine with fuel mileage. A truck that get 20 + miles to the gallon is no good if if drops 10 miles per gallon while towing
Make sure it offers a MANUAL TRANSMISSION and offer a car & van & wagon body for options (on the body on frame chassis). I think Ford would have a cost effective versatile platform in which it could make alot of $$ and compete hard against competitors.