Green and Eco Mode Experience.

By Syed A.

Recently I had rented Ford Escape as a rental car. I was impressed by the performance of the car. What I was also more impressed with was the Ford Eco Mode. If you drove smoothly coasting on the highways you get leaves. If you collect 5 leaves you are driving very eco friendly. It was great to drive. I thought that Ford can partner with rental companies. For every driver that returns the Ford automobile with 5 stars could receive a discount on their total bill. This will help in following ways

Drivers will learn sustainability.
Drivers will learn to drive smoothly.
Drivers will save money on gas by having an improved gas mileage.
Rental companies will rest assure that their cars are driven with care.
People will see the actual working of Ford's Eco Mode. 

It seems like a very positive idea where everyone benefits.
Please comment and suggest about how this idea is.