Grand C-Max

Please produce the Grand C-Max as I saw it during this years auto show! I have a 13 year old Ford Windstar, which I love, but badly needs to be replaced. I have been waiting for news on the Grand C-Max, only to find you will not be offering it. Who is making these decisions? Please read the comments section and the number of families like mine who need and want a 7 seater GREEN CAR!! Five years of my requesting one and no one is listening.
Roger 04/10/2013
we want a grand c-max some people do have 3 kids not everyone has 2 kids, its hard when every company is making 5 seaters. we had found our next minivan, but was not built.....i will buy one if you get it here.
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Ford ! I hadn't been looking into the Grand C-Max comments lately, boy how the have grown. In another post I mention having one as a rental while in France. I feel in love. With so much interest I agree with the other comments, maybe it's time to bring such a superior vehicle to the states.
Ryan&Carmen G 05/10/2012
How much is it to ship a vehicle from europe to the states? I almost thnk that it would be worth it. I still have to research if the grand c-max is produced or is going to be produced in canada where shipping would be much less. Ford if you cant meet our need for a diesel minivan we may have to go behind the U.S. fords back and ship them here ourselves!
r2 d 04/26/2012
I glad to read that other's have the same craving and passion for the Grand CMAX in the US as I do. Let us all hope that FORD does not let us all go ZOOM ZOOMing else where.
ac 03/05/2012
America really needs an affordable cool 7 seater with great MPG. I think Ford will be missing a market segment much to their disadvantage. How much does it cost to deliver a 7 seat version given that they already have a production model in Europe? Now Tesla is leading the way in the luxury segment. I would get the C-Max in 7 seater version. Sorry 5 seater just wouldn't work for me.
Robert 03/04/2012
Is any body from ford reading this every body wants the Grand Cmax not your electric cars
U Weidner 02/29/2012
Need 6-7 seats, even if 3rd row cramped, for grandchildren. And, want hybrid option.
Donald Gradeless 01/31/2012
Wouldn't it be nice if they could sneak in a 7 passenger Grand C-Max with a Duratorq TDCi turbo-diesel engine. I would buy one.
Brett 01/05/2012
PLEASE bring the Grand C-max to the US. My family doesn't fit in your smaller vehicles and I refuse to buy a large suv for more reasons than I can count. The c-max sounded perfect, and then you killed it. All americans are not the same. Many of us do want the midsize cars/vans that us companies are refusing to produce
Tony Moore 12/29/2011
I was really excited when I saw "C-Max is coming to America" - and then extremely disappointed when I saw, "Oh, nevermind, it's not." Come on, Ford, be innovative! Bring the C-Max (in its Grand C-Max form) over to the states! We don't have anything that is capable of family hauling, cargo hauling, and still fuel efficient for when it's just Mom running to the store. The Grand C-Max is what I need (the Mazda5 is close, but doesn't offer 7-passenger seating capability, something I still need from time to time when my family of six has an extra guest along). Please?
Jason Greenberg 12/27/2011
If you produced the 7 seater I'd get rid of my Sienna and buy one right away. 5 seater, no dice.
DK in St. Louis 12/20/2011
Ford, please tell me the C-Max I've already waited over a year for hasn't been delayed past Spring 2012! I waited for the Chevy Orlando, to have that canceled. The C-Max needs to show ASAP, hybrid can wait!!!
Ford Family 12/18/2011
Desperately need something more than a 5 seater that has decent fuel economy. The grand c-max or cmax seven seater that was described sounded perfect! I don't like the box look of the Flex and don't want a large SUV like the Explorer. I love the Edge, but 5 seats is just not enough for my family. I think this is a great idea. i want to stay a ford family (currently have a fusion and my husband has F150) but may not be able to if something doesn't come soon.
eric hartley 12/16/2011
The C-max sound exactly like what i am looking for, a 7 seater that is more like a car than a minivan. Also it must have a manual transmission as an option. When does it go on sale?
Donald Bragg 12/09/2011
I would like to know when the c-max is going to be available I would like to check one out before I trade again
Mike Laporte 12/04/2011
do something at least 6 passenger!!!!
S Vogel 12/02/2011
I hope the C-max Hybrid Van is available before I have to replace my 7-year old Honda Odyssey! How much will it cost?
Brad Krekelberg 11/10/2011
No question, I would buy one. I would love to see the 1.6L EcoBoost offered with a 6-speed manual in a loaded model, or even a diesel with a manual, but I would buy a Grand C-Max with whatever non-hybrid drivetrain if it was offered in the US. Bank on it. Two guaranteed customers, there you go.