Global Focus 5-Door Hybrid

By Alan C.

I want a Global Focus 5-Door Hybrid offering 50+ city/50+ hwy. Using the 1-L 120 hp EcoBoost being offered in the UK Focus + hybrid tech from the Fusion. Price should be less than $23K. Ford has all the pieces and just need to put them together and offer a viable option for the Prius. The Fusion hybrid is too big and getting bigger, and I don't want/need a minivan(c-max). This really seems like a no brainer.
Brad Barefoot 10/19/2011
What is going to be the chances of seeing the 2.0 ecoboost available in both the Transit Connect and Focus. I like the TC but some have spoken about it being a tad underpowered, I felt it was more than adequate power wise.
Donald Huggins 10/04/2011
Love this idea, or maybe Ford should put the 1.6 Ecoboost mated to the hybrid engine.