Generating some electricity by mechanically moving parts in a hybrid car

By placing a Piezo-electric crystallic material in mechanically forced positions (Such as accelerator pedal, suspension springs or similar positions), it would generate some electricity which can be stored in the battery of Hybrid cars.

A piezo electric crystall is something which produces electricity when mechanically deformed and vice versa.

For example, by placing the crystal in break or accl pedal it would generate some elecricity whenver the driver uses the pedal. The electricity can be captured in the batery of a hybrid car to increase its range.
Jonathan M 08/21/2012
This sounds very interesting... not sure how much energy you could get out of this kinda system but I like the idea.
Polly K 08/21/2012
You won't get much power out of the gas pedal activity.
Joe P 08/16/2012
I like the concept, though I don't know if adding any additional friction to driver controls is desirable. Still, the idea of converting mechanical energy from suspension, engine mounts, and waste heat from the exhaust and cooling system on internal combustion models seems intriguing - if there would be a way to recapture enough energy to make it worthwhile. All mechanical, acoustical and thermal energy not used to power the vehicle is wasted energy ...