Gas Series Hybrid Vehicle

Use a small ICE to turn a generator and run electric drive motors. The ICE does not have to be 'Beefy' because it does not need to power the vehicle. The ICE can be lighter and therefore use less fuel. Electric motors with Computer Controllers, other electronics and efficient transmission will be able to move the vehicle easier. The Technology is here now to produce a true Series Hybrid Vehicle that will use less fuel and thus less CO2 emissions. Natural gas (a US PRODUCT) could be used to power the ICE and end the US dependency on Foreign Oil. Ford_Please_Do_This.
Andrew J 04/13/2013
I am a very big fan of this idea. I would like to see 4 independent electric motors positioned at each wheel. It would eliminate much of the wasted energy lost during the mechanical transfer process associated with traditional power trains. I would like to see something like this paired with solar paint, and compared with linear piston generators.