Gas Saver

I have a 2005 Ford Escape and it's all wheel drive. Because it's all wheel drive, it "drinks" more gas. I wish that you could turn the 4-wheel drive off and only use front wheel drive when you don't need 4-wheel drive. I think it would save gas. I think that all future 4-wheel or all-wheel drives, you should have the capability to turn them off to save gas and turn them on only when you need it.

Polly K 08/21/2012
Part time 4wd is a great idea. Old jeeps used to allow you to disengage the front wheels from the drivetrain and that saved tons of fuel.
Nathan S 08/15/2012
Bill C, that could be the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Spend more money on an untested and potenially dangerous product to save money, what kind of logic is that? Tamera, if you want better mileage consider the free and easy stuff that will not burn your engine up. Keep your tires properly inflated, loose any unneccessary items in the car, and for goodness sake, accelerate slowly and use the cruise control at the speed limit as much as possible. As for your idea, my wife's '03 4wd escape does not drive all four wheels all the time, only when it detects a slip or when the 4wd switch is activated. The fuel mileage is being lost in having to carry around all the extra drive gear that goes with having the 4wd system on your vehicle.
Bill C 08/11/2012
Tamera, in stead of turning it off, put a hydrogen generator on your car and it will triple your mileage, also you want to google the how to on ethnoal fuel you can produce youe own fuel and save big buck or get it at the gas station and it before you fuel, and keep you air filters clean that you can do your self open take it out and tap it lightly, then put it back..