Gas Mileage Bar

By John V.

People are more and more concerned about gas mileage and driving efficiently. An instantaneous gas mileage progress bar on the dash, such as the one in the Honda Fit, is a very good way to learn to drive more efficiently because it provides instant feedback. It is a main feature that I look for in my current search for a new car.
ralph 07/24/2011
save gas, if the car can be put in neutra by braking and then automatlly
put in drive when you hit the gas peddal,the drivetrain would not be
turning saving gas and less pollution in big cities by stop and go,
would this save.
Dave Bristel 06/04/2011
The information center, which is on pretty much all the new Ford vehicles provides the average MPG, which is SAFER than an instant MPG figure. With an instant MPG, people will be more inclined to look at THAT, rather than paying attention to the road. The average on the other hand will not fluctuate nearly as much, so people will not spend nearly as much time checking it.