Gas electric hauler

By J.p. V.

Why not take an F-150 depower its ecoboost engine for long term reliability, throw an alternatior on its flywheel and give i four traction motors. It works for diesel locomotives why not a pick up truck. By having the engine at a constant rpm and using the batteries and traction motors you will get incredible improvement in fuel economy because of the lack of needing to rev.
Dennis T 11/07/2012
Two individual high powered compact electric motors, one powering each of the rear tires. Each motor is directly connected to the wheel hub or wheel. Creating the most direct form of drive. 4 batteries, whose only purpose is to operate electronics in the car and the initial take off of the car. How to keep to keep the car charged without charging it? Incorporate a system similar to an alternator into the front tires. Instead regenerative breaking, why not regenerative driving? When the vehicle reaches a certain speed, close the circuit to the batteries and let the "alternator" front tires supply the necessary power outlet to propel the vehicle and operate all essential and accessory functions to the car Ford is the best domestic vehicle. I would like to see this company propel further than any other company abroad. This idea I feel could revolutionize the "Green" auto industry .
Dennis T 11/07/2012
Many have suggested some type of electrical charging system to Ford. My hope is that Ford will listen and act. An electric generator just needs to spin to produce electricity. Turning wheels at Freeway speeds would do the same job as hydroelectric or using steam or exhaust to power turbines. Using a generator does not increase ‘drag’: balancing, computer control, gearing systems to turn the generator faster. The generator just needs to turn to produce electricity!
A EVs (Electric Vehicles) range needs to be longer. I did a Bing search on 'electric motors' and Siemens came up. I was educated about the difference between 'Parallel Hybrid' and 'Serial Hybrid'. 'Parallel' uses the combustion engine exclusively to turn a transmission for power to the wheels: it only uses the electric drive motors to get the vehicle moving or sustain a low MPH. 'Serial Hybrid' uses electric motors "exclusively" to drive the vehicle and the combustion engine is used to drive a generator to power the electric motors and re-charge batteries. Diesel-Electric trains do this very well. The "combustion engine" could be a small power plant that uses fuel cell tech, or Natural Gas, or gasoline then engine size does not have to large. The electric motor has a lot of torque so it can handle any load or any application. Siemens has been around and produced electric motors since the late 1800s. Ford and Siemens could combine: Ford engines and vehicles with Siemens electric motors, controllers and other electronics to produce a planet loving vehicle product.