Fusion Hybrid Wagon or Hatchback

By J V.

Please consider releasing the hactback and wagon versions of the beautiful new 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ecoboost. There is a serious shortage of good looking, practical US built wagons. The sucess of the Jetta TDI Sportwagen and the release of the Prius V demonstrate a market niche for a high MPG car with space to spare. Not only would a Fusion Hyrbid Wagon be my car of choice, I think it could easily compete with higher end vehicles such as the Tesla Model S and Audi A7. Overall the design of the Fusion is very, very good. But with the hatchback roofline of the Evos, the Fusion could be simply stunning, and more practical!
Frank Huttinger 06/20/2014
I'd buy one to replace my Prius V if the Fusion wagon has comparable features and higher ground clearance.
Carmel 11/29/2013
Bring in a Fusion hatchback.  It would be a winner.  At close to 40mpg highway it does not need to be a hybrid. C. Monti 
Joe 09/13/2013
Seriously. A fuel efficient wagon is what Americans are waiting for. What is the Big 3 waiting for???
Linda N 08/27/2013
I'd like to see a hatchback/wagon in the Fusion, we have pets & will be buying a new car in the next couple of years.
Jake J 08/06/2013
Just Do It! Beat Volvo, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Audi. Five reasons to bring the European Ford Mondeo(Fusion) wagon to the US: the European name doesn't fit if you don't, an alternative to the controversial styling of the C-Max, better mileage than the C-Max, gain more of the market of the midsize segment, and no other American marque has an affordable wagon.
Bob 06/21/2013
Loving my Passat wagon.. But, I'd sure be interested in a Fusion wagon or hatch. The battery simply takes up too much space. Skip the hybrid in wagon or hatch for me.
S. Riley 05/28/2013
I'd love Ford to see the Fusion Wagon in the US. I'm currently looking at a BMW 3 series wagon. But I'd buy the Ford in a second.
Steve W 05/15/2013
Still waiting, but can't wait forever
FS 04/19/2013
i would buy a ford mondeo wagon today! I drive a 2010 Subaru Outback. Wake up Ford! There is a complete sport wagon segment you are leaving to BMW, Audi and Subaru and you already make the PRODUCT!!!!!
Lisa 03/21/2013
Looking for a replacement soon to my beloved 12 year old Saab 9-5 Aero wagon. Would love to see a Fusion wagon. Can only wait another year before my son takes my Saab!
John S 02/02/2013
LOVE the styling of the new Fusion. Retiring soon and want a car that is good looking, practical, and gets outstanding gas mileage. The Fusion almost has all three (missing the hatch option). The C-Max hybrid almost makes it (missing the great styling). The roof line of the Fusion looks almost perfect for a hatch (look and the Mondo). You are almost there Ford...come on.
John S 01/06/2013
Amen buddy . I am a woman looking for the Fusion H B or wagon. I am disgusted with Ford
Zach P 12/21/2012
So much for this "Power of choice" or whatever you Ford people call it, the simple fact is, is that you CONTINUE to offer a vastly larger range of body styles in Europe while simultaneously rejecting you home market (your most loyal market) these choices. Ford, people here will buy your fusion wagon. It's gorgeous as a sedan, just not practical enough, and its an even more gorgeous wagon. Please stop ignoring US customers, GIVE US SOME CHOICES, WE ARE THE COUNTRY THAT BUILT YOU! Oh and stop saying "Oh, you guys can just go and buy the Escape." What the heck is that Ford? You offer the Kuga (AKA Escape) in Europe, yet they still get the Mondeo (fusion) wagon AND 5 door hatch AND focus Wagon. GIVE YOUR HOME BUYERS THAT MADE YOU MORE CHOICES
don c 12/06/2012
Ford definitely needs to come out with the Hybrid Fusion Wagon. They shouldn't worry about losing sales with that other hybrid wagon they are coming out with(to compete with the toyota priusV). The bigger size wagon and sportier look of the car will appeal to a different market and will enhance Ford's sales lineup. This type of wagon in this size is greatly needed. Too bad toyota didn't keep their camry wagons going in the U.S. You can find them in Australia if you need to.
bob and cheryl 11/28/2012
Bob and Cheryl We are driving our 1998 Escort Wagon with 213,000 miles on it and wanting our next car to be a hybrid wagon. We don't want to leave the Ford family. The latest Fusion Hybrid seems like the perfect choice if only there was a wagon. We can't hold out forever. Please, please.
Stew 11/08/2012
I agree - the PriusV and CMax are a bit too small for most families - a station wagon, or 5-door like the Mazda5 - but built on the Fusion platform as a great hybrid - is what we want!
Rob C 11/02/2012
A Ford Fusion Hybrid Wagon would be an excellent addition to the lineup! I currently drive a Subaru Legacy Outback and want a Hybrid, but not willing to sacrifice handling, performance and some style with some of the overseas Hybrids. I am seeking an American made Hybrid that offers the additional cargo space of a wagon and maintains some sport and personality. The new Audi Allroad would be a winner if was a Hybrid and did not take premium fuel, so looking to Ford to lead the market with a Fusion Hybrid Wagon. Go for it!
Jane 10/20/2012
My husband and I looked at the newly released C-Max today, cool but the Fusion was sitting right next to it, way cooler. If the Fusion had been a wagon version we may have driven home with a new car today, but alas no wagon version meant one less sale for Ford today, that's too bad.
paul s 10/05/2012
Yes please bring the Fusion-Mondeo wagon to North America. I want the cargo capacity, fuel economy and handling that only a station wagon, not an SUV, can provide. Also, there are virtually no mid size wagons available in the U.S.
Ian B 09/27/2012
I'm pondering a replacement for my VW Touareg and have been looking at Audi and BMW wagons. I need a more fuel efficient family vehicle and I like cars. The Ford Mondeo wagon would fit in to that decision nicely should Ford bring it to (and hopefully build it in) the U.S. I would be curious to see a hybrid version, but a gas or diesel of sufficient displacement would be very welcome. Nice work on the design, folks, it's beautiful.
Robert C 09/25/2012
Ford, please sell me a wagon with real cargo space. Not a truncated hatch, not a bloated SUV, but a real WAGON!!
Mario 06/11/2012
Hey, i m Mario from Germany and i´m driving my 3rd Mondeo/ Fusion Wagon and i never want to drive another car than a wagon. In Germany the part of sold Mondeos are nearly 60 % wagons...We love the Mondeo/fusion wagon and i love it, too ;-) I hope Ford will sell them in US, too.
Brad B 03/20/2012
Hey Ford ! When I was at the Ford Social group at the first of the year it was made plain that there wasn't a demand for a station wagon. Well from what I've seen here there are quite a few Wagon-Masters who want to see the Fusion, Focus appear in a wagon model. The old wagon stigma is gone, it went away a long time ago. Give us our valued station wagons back, do it before the competition does. As I write this the Hyundai group is looking at changing their mind about the I-30 and I-40 wagons and making them available in the U.S. in early 2013.
Evan G 03/13/2012
please bring a Fusion wagon to the US!
Josaphat Plater-Zyberk 02/15/2012
Yes, a wagon Fusion Energi would be awesome! I currently have a BMW wagon, and after seeing how convenient, practical, sporty, and efficient wagons are, I can't imagine driving anything else. I'd love to buy American next time!
Bob Grijalva 01/26/2012
I agree that the US needs wagons and the Ford Fusion wagon is the best way to start. Volvo is going to be bringing its wagons back into the market in 2013 or 2014 with a plug-in hybrid version of the V60 wagon. The Fusion (Mondeo) wagon (in Europe) is the best looking competitor to the V60 out there. Please, Ford, bring wagons back...otherwise, I'm going to be looking at a Volvo again!
Michael J Craft 01/25/2012
I don't know why Ford is not making a wagon. I had two VW TDIs (hatch back and wagon) and had to get rid of them because they were the most unreliable cars I have ever had!! I came back to Ford for reliability (plus their styling has made a giant step foward!) but wanted a wagon. I went with the Mercury Mariner for a smaller vehicle with big space. A Fusion wagon would be ideal as long as it is a proper wagon (keep the back high, not sloping with proper rear passanger doors as well). I would consider the '13 Escape if it didn't have the sloping rear roofline which defeats the purpose of an SUV!!! Ford is making their SUVs near useless. Let SUVs be SUVs!!!
Brad Krekelberg 01/25/2012
I think the wagon stigma has been overshadowed by the minivan stigma now. I think wagons are seen more as "lifestyle vehicles" for surfers, mountain bikers, etc. Come on, Ford. Show us just how "Euro" you can be! Give us wagons!