Fusion Hybrid + AWD

By Fred W.

Ford has an AWD Fusion and a Hybrid Fusion, but I want to buy a Hybrid AND AWD Fusion. There are several SUVs out there that are both AWD AND Hybrid, but the only sedan I know of that is both AWD and Hybrid is a $90,000 Lexus. Seems like you could really capture a whole set of new customers (like me), who want this combination but don't want to spend $90,000 for a sedan. Thanks.
steve chaffin 07/23/2014
I just drove a fusion hybrid. Spun the tires on wet asphalt. can't imagine driving on snow. I guesse I will by the Infiniti Q50 or the subaru since ford can't get this right.
Angelo D 02/02/2014
Seems like a no brainer. I know there are many waiting for this combo. Will be sad if Subaru beats Ford to market, considering all the pieces are there.....
Lynn V 12/28/2012
Absolutely interested in buying an AWD Hybrid. Live in New England so AWD is a must and I would like to move in a green direction. Any idea when this will happen?
Brett G 12/27/2012
The missing car would no longer be missing.
kcfield 10/31/2012
Would definitely be interested in awd/hybrid combination. Does anyone know if this is in the works in for 2014 or 2015?
Robert Donaldson 10/06/2012
Bob D.: Is there a Fusion Hybrid AWD in the works or not?
David B 08/27/2012
This is an excellent idea. I was going to take ownership of an Escape Hybrid AWD. BUT the design of the new Fusion has made me hold off to see if an AWD + Hybrid variant will follow the initial powertrain options. I will be eagerly waiting.
P.S. Ford, you rock!
Emilio P 05/25/2012
Agree. Live in New England. I want a Plug-In Hybrid that's AWD
Michael Cox 12/19/2010
I would also happily purchase a fusion if it had BOTH AWD and a hybrid system.