Fusion Energi Trunk Size-deal breaker

I LOVE how the Fusion Energi looks AND drives. I am this close to buying one. But the trunk size is a deal breaker. According to the specs, 16.0 Fusion/12.0 Hybrid/8.2 Fusion Energi. That is not enough room to put a suitcase in and it is a 5 passenger car. Since I do not have a family there is no second car to choose from for trips. Even though the back seats fold down, anything placed there is totally exposed to theft. As far as I know there is no "hatch cover" to hide things in the back seat. I hope the 2014 addresses this. I know it is because of the battery. Doesn't matter if the car is not useable for it's size. I'd rather have a hatchback where the back seat for passengers is secondary. Love the comfort and styling but I can get that with the Hybrid.
Gary 11/20/2013
The Cmax Energi has a more useable trunk/hatchback by far. However I still purchased the 2013 Fusion Energi and hope the future versions will decrease battery size, increase trunk and improve EV mode beyond 21 miles to 42 miles.
Rick N 07/20/2013
Using back seat down there is ample room for two poeple travel stowage. Took delivery of car in late April and on second tank of gas ...1/4 down and gone 760 miles...beat that Prius! This is the best car I've ever owned!
John P 05/10/2013
I really like the cargo space in a conventional trunk.